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Leg Up Performance Oil

Leg Up Performance Oil

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Leg Up Equine Oil has been specially formulated to provide the horse with its nutritional and therapeutic requirements and to assist in gaining peak performance.

We contract New Zealand arable farmers to grow oilseed rape in Canterbury New Zealand, which is cold pressed at our Rolleston crush facility. Hoki oil is also sourced from New Zealand Fisheries and blended with rapeseed oil to form Leg Up Equine Oil.

Our trace ability program at Pure Oil New Zealand ensures that our equine oils have no chance of being contaminated with foreign materials.

Rapeseed oil (brassica napus) has the optimum omega-6 to omega-3 ratio (2:1) assisting anti-inflammatory responses following exercise.  We enhance the Rapeseed Oil by blending with NZ caught Hoki Oil (Blue Grenadier) to introduce long chain fatty acids: EPA and DHA.

These omega-3 fatty acids derived from the sea improve the horses’ blood circulation and oxygen delivery to its muscles.

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