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Kelato GastroAID Recovery PRE ORDER

Kelato GastroAID Recovery PRE ORDER

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This is a PRE ORDER. Please message us with any questions

A healthy digestive system means a healthier horse. GastroAID Recovery will help bring your horse back to it’s full potential by moderating gut transit time, buffering gut pH, promoting a healthy gut mucosa, promoting beneficial microbes, optimising total gut function and enhancing feed conversion efficiency.

GastroAID Recovery helps your horse’s gut better cope with the stresses of exercise, stabling, travelling and competition. You will start to notice positive
changes in your horse such as improvements in attitude, ability to perform, body condition, coat quality, appetite and manure consistency.

Wholegrain oat flour, Sodium bicarbonate, Calcium carbonate, Magnesium oxide, Lecithin Pectin, Agrimos® prebiotic (Mannan-Oligosaccharides and Beta-Glucans), Levucell SC® probiotic (Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain SC l-1077), Lucerne meal, Dextrose, Aniseed flavouring, Calcium propionate (preservative).

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