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Hekeao GastroFuel Concentrate Mash

Hekeao GastroFuel Concentrate Mash

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A unique blend of legumes, Hekeao's pure TrueFibre Timothy hay pellets, coconut oil and two plant based products, Pectin and Lecithin, targeted to aid in the prevention of stomach ulcers in horses.

Designed in-line with current research, Pectin and Lecithin are considered beneficial in assisting with the prevention and healing of gastric ulcers in horses. Grain-free, soy-free, molasses-free, and mineral-free, GastroFuel gives you the option to supplement as required, and is a safe feed for horses and ponies that cannot have grain and sugars.

Ingredients: Lupins, Peas, TrueFibre Timothy Hay Pellets, Sunflower Seed Meal, Flaxseed Meal, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Pectin, Yea-Sacc, Actigen.

Protein 21%, Fat 6%, Fibre 15%, Starch 11%, NSC 32%, DE 12%

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