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Harvest Grains

Harvest Grains Harmonize

Harvest Grains Harmonize

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Low GI - Grain Free - Molasses Free
Activate by submerging in water 15 minutes

  • all equestrian activities and competition
  • showring preparation
  • recovery and rehabilitation  
  • common feed reactions
  • breeding, spelling, injured
  • weight control programs
  • hard to manage miniature horses

May assist health and maintenance when at risk of:
• Laminitis or founder 
• Metabolic issues (EMS, Cushings syndrome) 
• Feed induced Tying-Up (RER & PSSM) 
• Insulin resistance 
• Digestive or gastric issues / colic 
• Excitable, anxious, fizzy or hot

  *Safe for mares in foal

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