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Pryde's EasiFeed® Rebuild

Pryde's EasiFeed® Rebuild

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High Calorie Rice Bran

& Soybean-Based Pellet

To Build Topline & Condition

FORM: Small Pellets




Suitable for All Disciplines



Why Rebuild®?

Set recipe formulation with the same premium quality proteins from soybean and rice bran used in every batch for incredible muscle building capacity.


High calorie formulation to encourage weight gain while keeping meal size small.


Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for brilliant coat shine and skin health.


Natural vitamin E and selenium for antioxidant protection of muscles.


Organic chromium to assist with correct energy metabolism.


Yeast pre-biotic to support efficient fibre digestion and improve weight gains.


Fortified with vitamin B1 to assist with maintaining appetite and normal nerve and muscle function.



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