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Poseidon Digestive VM - Equine Minerals & Vitamins

Poseidon Digestive VM - Equine Minerals & Vitamins

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Digestive VM is the ultimate balanced mineral and vitamin supplement for horses, formulated to ensure your horse gets all the minerals and vitamins they need to thrive.

  • trace minerals and essential minerals for horses
  • vitamins including natural Vitamin E
  • amino acids to support gut health and cell repair
  • yeast-derived prebiotic and postbiotic 

Made in New Zealand, this tasty equine mineral and vitamin supplement comes in palatable lucerne based pellets which smell great to horses. Digestive VM is ideal to fill nutrient gaps for horses on forage (pasture or hay) based diets, and also ensures that horses who are fed diets which contain less than the recommended daily rate of all vitamins and minerals get the required amount of minerals and vitamins. (ie. you may feed various amounts of supplemented feeds resulting in your horse not getting the full requirement recommended by the manufacturers; or you may feed un-supplemented horse feeds and prefer to manage the supplementation of equine minerals and vitamins yourself using one simple product.)

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