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Poseidon Stress Paste Refill

Poseidon Stress Paste Refill

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to support horses in times of high exertion or stress. Such times may include when competing, travelling or in extreme heat and humidity.

Stress Paste supports a horse’s gut and muscle physiology in a way that helps them directly deal with stress. In helping a horse actually cope with stress, we are able to reduce the impact of stress on performance, behaviour and recovery.

This feed supplement has a unique protective effect for the fore and hindgut and provides magnesium for normal nerve function, amino acids for gut wall health, a powerful prebiotic for gut microbiome support, betaine for hydration, B vitamins for muscle and appetite, magnesium hydroxide and pectin to help protect the stomach and Vitamins C & E for antioxidant protection. 

Tubes contain 60ml, Pack contains 360ml.

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