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Harvest Grains

Harvest Grains DIY Smart Feed

Harvest Grains DIY Smart Feed

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More than just a foundation for the special diet.

Premixed feeds often provide micro-minerals iron, copper, zinc and selenium at levels which may not be suitable for a horse or ponies diet.

Home made formulas often provide a poor balance of calcium and phosphorus. This may create imbalances in your horses nutrient uptake. The additional calcium and phosphorus in 'DIY' will assist horses and ponies with restricted access to good pasture and is important for maintenance of bones, joints and overall health. In some cases it may be necessary to increase the calcium and/or phosphorus to meet increased demand such as late pregnancy, lactation or grazing high Kikuyu pastures.
*If unsure your home built ration is meeting requirements seek professional advice or contact us.

Horse owners nationwide have now confirmed horses and ponies are more content when a SMART-FEED™ is included as part of the daily diet

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