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Bomzeal Mobilize

Bomzeal Mobilize

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Bomazeal® Mobilize™ is a safe and natural joint supplement which comes as a tasty tablet for the management of the osteoarthritis symptoms in dogs. It is proudly made in New Zealand.

Bomazeal® Mobilize™ is a nutraceutical. This means it is made from natural product extracts that have demonstrated a physiological benefit*. Being a nutraceutical it can be sold without a prescription, so you can recommend it to help dogs prevent the onset of arthritis or to aid in the treatment of  existing arthritis.

*Source: Food & Beverage Information Project 2011 Depth Sector Stream – Nutraceuticals & Foods For Health Final Report October 2011; v1.9

Ingredients: per tablet:

Green Lipped Mussel Extract - 175mg

Shark Cartilage - 100mg

Enzogenol Deer Velvet - 5mg

Deer Velvet - 25mg

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